Baby Room

Welcome to our Baby Room! Here we have a purpose built room, which is the newest part of our nursery. It is a lovely space for our babies to explore, grow and develop. Here at Sunnydale Nursery, we are about your baby’s stage of development, not their age. Therefore, our Baby Room is designed for children aged 6 weeks up to 2 years of age; this all depends on each individual child that enters our nursery. Many of our children transition through to our Toddler Room at around 18 – 24 months of age.

We have a strict 1:3 ratio and there are three of us who work in this room; Ellie Smyth (Baby Room Leader) Libbie Germ (Level 3 Practitioner) and Olivia Swindells (Level 2 Practitioner).

We plan our activities based on three things- what your baby needs developmentally, what your baby is interested in and to ensure a good coverage of the EYFS. We spend LOTS of time getting messy and being outside in the fresh air.