Forest Schools

Here at Sunnydale Nursery, we have the most beautiful, natural surroundings for our children to grow, flourish and learn. Our sessions are full of opportunities for children to learn and develop new skills, think for themselves, manage their own risks, become part of a community where we support each other, learn to be resilient and learn how to sustain our natural environment.

Forest Schools is about nurturing the social and emotional well-being of a child, offering a holistic approach to their learning and development. It is about developing mutual respect, setting and respecting clear boundaries and developing a sense if trust and community. It is about teaching children to respect and take care of their natural environment to enable them to sustain the beauty of their surroundings for future generations.

We have a stunning, natural outdoor area for our children to explore. Our sessions are carried out in this area with our younger children, babies and those new to Forest Schools. We also have a large field area where we carry out Forest Schools with children over 2 years of age.

Our Forest School leaflet is available for download HERE