Toddler Room

Welcome to Sunnydale Nursery’s Toddler Room!

In the Toddler Room, we have children from around the age of 18 months – 36 months of age, all depending on when they are ready to transition from our Baby Room. We work on a 1:4 ratio for children 2-3 years and a 1:3 for children under the age of 2. We have Sarah (Room Leader), Gemma (Level 3), Aimee (Apprentice), Louisa (Level 3), Devon (Level 3) and Emma (Level 3).

In the Toddler Room, we follow the children’s interests to plan stimulating, child led activities and experiences. We absolutely love the chaos that Toddlers bring- there’s certainly never a dull moment. We also often get the pleasure of supporting you with potty training and tantrums. All in a days work!

We have the pleasure of beautiful, open spaces around our nursery, which enables children to explore and develop in the great outdoors.